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Madrid Venom Standard BUSH HPF yellow 2013 - Longboard


  • yellow

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  • Hersteller Madrid
  • Saison 2013
  • Farbe Gelb

Far and away the most popular racing bushings in the world, Venom's High Performance Formula balances rebound and dampening for the ideal combination of turn-ability and stability at speed. From flatground to downhill racing, the High Performance Formula works well for every longboard discipline.

Standard: The best of both worlds. The barrel on the bottom gives you solid stability, while the cone on top delivers quick turning. This combo is good for those want a responsive setup, but sometimes encounter the steep hill.

  • Boardside: Large Conical
  • Roadside: Large Barrel
  • Duros: 78A, 81A, 85A, 87A, 90A, 93A, 97A

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